Why You Should Add This Ingredient to Your Fall Routine

Cozy season has arrived, marking the start of sweater weather, Gilmore Girls reruns and endless pumpkin patch pics on your Insta feed. But also: baths. So, if spending a lazy Saturday afternoon soaking in the tub is your idea of a good time, scroll to find out how this secret ingredient can make self-care sessions even sweeter.

The Secret to Better Baths

What's the Buzz?

Honey has been used in beauty routines for years. Even Cleopatra (the OG skinfluencer) apparently used to slather this golden nectar onto her skin for its antibacterial powers, to keep skin clear and fresh. *Grabs nearest jar*

Our manuka honey is sourced in New Zealand, then added to the indulgent Spiced Honey Bath Syrup. A rich, decadent, syrupy texture that lightly foams under running water for the sweetest soak. It’s self-care, bottled.

The Full Routine


Drizzle Spiced Honey Bath Syrup into the tub. Sink in. Chill out. And let the skin-softening manuka honey extracts get to work.

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Dry off with the Versatile Towel. It’s made with the softest cotton *ever*, plus eucalyptus fibers to keep it fresh.

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Massage in Coconut + Sandalwood Body Balm, full of moisturizing coconut oil. Trust us, your skin will feel like silk afterwards.

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Ready to lounge around? Wrap up in the super-soft Linen Robe. It even has pockets to keep all your essentials with you, plus a cozy hood.

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